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Deep Tissue Massage

Focuses on muscles located below the surface of the top layer. Great for individuals with persistent, chronic pain or stress as well as people involved in heavy lifting. $85/hour    $120/1.5 hour

Therapeutic Massage

Massage focused on targeted areas that need relief. Usually involves tools and stretching.  $85/hour    $120/1.5 hour

Swedish Massage

Flowing and relaxing massage that will help promote sleep and relieve anxiety. $75/hour $110/1.5 hours

Hot Stone Massage

Great for deep relaxations or extremely tight muscles, as well as for those suffering from chronic pain. 85/hour    $120/1.5 hour

Mom To Be

Relives aches and pains of the changing body and allowing more sleep for mom and baby$85/hour    $120/1.5 hour

Thai Body Work

Fully clothed massage with passive stretching to allow blood flow to promote quicker healing.$85/hour    $120/1.5 hour

Cranial Sacral

Light touch therapy with promotes healing through the nervous system.$75 for an hour session

Chair Massage

A 15 minute fully  clothed massage which focuses on the upper half of the body. This gives your body and mind the extra jump it needs to relieve stress and pain. $2 a min-add ons available

Personal Infrared Sauna

Great for skin, lymphatics, breathing, and joint pain. Detoxes from metal, chemical and petroleum-based toxins stored in fat. Sweating regularly helps get rid of those toxins. It is also great for the circulatory system, inflammation and stress. Detoxification leads to better circulation and healthy skin. It has been even known to help smooth cellulite.
Add to a treatment or just come in to detox. $10 for your first 10 minute $40 for 30 minutes/ members $25 for 30 minutes

Detox Treatment

60 minute Full body massage after a Personal sauna session and dry brushing. Dry brushing helps to move toxins and potentially more will be released. During massage a blend of essential oils gets added to the treatment to help open pathways for toxins to exit.
Duration 90 minutes $135 for non-member  $120 for members

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