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Therapeutic Yoga/Stretching

This is a lesson that is taught by an instructor for you to do on location and for you to do at home. It’s done on the floor on a mat with props such as pillows and blocks.
Our therapeutic yoga/stretching come with two names. Though it is taught by yoga instructors there is no mantra but the benefits of stretching and breathing are taught and will help you body realign the spine and skeletal structure. When your posture and skeletal structure are not aligned, this can cause lack fluids flowing properly as well as stopping the nervous system from working adequately leaving on with senseless pain and lack of energy.
This has many over all benefits besides the obvious of less pain and better movement. It also helps increase your energy and helps with mental health problems such as depressions, anxiety, stress and insomnia. This is also very calming and will decrease your blood pressure, lower cortisol levels and increase circulation to your vital organs.

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